Box Hill Tennis Club

Box Hill TC is located at  the corner of Cyril and Station Streets, Box Hill  South. The  club is one of the very few clubs in Melbourne to be privately owned.  BHTC has a very rich history with and is one of the oldest clubs in  Melbourne. The club has been around for an astonishing 120 YEARS!!!!!!  The membership of the club currently sits at just on 300 which makes it  one of the larger clubs in the area. Many changes have occured over the  past year and the club continues to move with the times and it strives  to provide a fantastic club for all members and non-members to enjoy!

The club caters for Juniors through to Seniors and from coaching to  competitive tournament players. BHTC currently has 7 Euroclay courts which host a wide range of tennis activities.  Besides a very healthy 21 Night  Tennis teams in the BDNTA, the Club has up to 21 Junior teams in the  Eastern Region Tennis competition which play on Saturday and Sunday  mornings.  The weekend afternoons see teams playing in the Open as well  as Mixed Sets in the Senior ERT competition and also fields a number of  Pennant teams during the Winter Season.

Cranross Tennis Club

The Cranross Tennis Club has been in existence in Darebin since the 1930’s and is currently located on the corner of Station & Malpas St, Preston. The club currently has 2 en-tous-ca courts and 2 synthetic clay courts.

In recent years, the club’s new executive has undertaken to promote access to the club for the whole of the local community with the underlying philosophy for access and equity considering social, cultural, physically diverse, disadvantaged, the very young, the aged and disabled groups.

The initiative to promote access to the facilities has specifically targeted those from the lower socio economic areas of Darebin, senior members of the community and those with physical and psychological disabilities.

The Cranross executive have also undertaken to improve facilities at the club the provide disability access to allow both physically disabled spectators and players to utilise the facilities and are currently working with local groups to promote the club as a venue for disabled persons to utilise in order to provide both a sporting and social opportunity that otherwise does not exist in the area.

The club as part of its strategic plan has adopted several key pillars that focus on:

  • Access and equity to the broader Darebin Community;
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our members, players and visitors;
  • The provision of a low cost social and sporting opportunity for the local community;
  • Respect for all persons that utilise and/or visit the Cranross Tennis Club and endeavor to provide a focus is on fun, fitness and integration of the broader community.

St Christopher’s Tennis Club

St. Christopher’s Tennis Club was founded in 1967. Over the years it has provided opportunities for competitive and social tennis on three excellent en-tout-cas courts. Hundreds of teams have represented the club over more than 40 years, providing enjoyment for their members and considerable success as can be seen from the many pennants on display in the clubhouse.

Balwyn Park Tennis Club

Balwyn Park Tennis Club is on the corner of Cherry St & Whitehorse Rd in Balwyn. The club has 3 synthetic grass courts of which 2 of them are lit. The club offers Tennis Coaching, Night Tennis and Social Play throughout the week.