Hot Shots Matchplay

Please contact Alexei if your child is interested in participating in one of our Hot Shots Leagues. TBC denotes that the day and time have not been confirmed. However, parents are encouraged to express their interest and notify Alexei of the most convenient day for them.

Box Hill TC
– Orange ball league (Sunday mornings)
– Red ball league (day tbc)

Cranross TC
– Orange ball league (day tbc)
– Red ball league (day tbc)

St Christophers
–  Red ball league (day tbc)

Balwyn Park
–  Green ball league (day tbc)


So, what is Hot Shots Matchplay?

  • Matches are played on modified courts. The type of modification will depend on whether the league is red, orange or green.
  • Players use fast 4 scoring instead of traditional scoring. Parents and coaches can help to umpire, however we usually find that after a few matches the kids take charge of the scoring and become more confident with where to stand on court.
  • Each match takes place for a specified amount of time, for example orange ball leagues will play 3 x 30min matches.


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